La distribution de vêtements et de chaussures réalisée à Thayarchaung par Florent et Thibaut

A Rangoon, Florent avait organisé une collecte de vêtements auprès des famille de ses étudiants à Rangoon.

Voici quelques extraits du récit de Florent:

On Friday, May 11th I packed my car with a lot of bags and boxes and left Yangon with a friend early in the morning.

We then took a boat to Tadarchaung and from there we walked to Thayarchaung.U Hla Khaing who is the head of the village had a list of 70 families in his hand.

In Tayarchaung people are not lucky. People don’t have enough water to drink and to wash and as a result all the kids have scabies. This year we therefore decided to deepen the water pond. We have also built a small bridge to help the people cross a stream that runs between the village and the reservoir.

Life is hard in Tayarchaung. Climate too. The day we arrived it was unbearably hot and the sunset marked a welcomed relief.But the next day dark clouds gathered and a few minutes later water was pouring down and the wind blowing everything away!

So one of the needs I had assessed during one of my previous trips was the lack of clothes. Some people have one longyi and one tee-shirt. There are 70+ families in Thayarchaung, so with my friend Thibaut we divided all your gifts in 70 small packs as you can see on pics.

Then Thibaut or I would pick up a small pack while U Hla Khaing would read the name of one of the families. In this way we managed to distribute everything to everyone! Some got high heel shoes:

and one lady got the top price with a rucksack:

Some kids got the cool looking sunglasses and a bunch of tee-shirts:

De toute façon, les villageois étaient très contents d’avoir reçu les vêtements et les chaussures! C’était un bon moment partagé!